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Hello there! I'm glad you made it here. On this Wiki you can create your very own mythical creatures, write stories about them or just research the Mythical Creatures that exist in the world now! Have fun!

-ImLonely (founder)


  • You must be 13 or older to join this wiki.
  • Please don't discourage the beliefs of others! This Wiki is about Mythical Creatures, so don't ruin their minds! Let people believe.
  • Please try to avoid cursing, it's not a major rule but if you swear in your stories try not to use too much foul language. If you do swear too often it will result in a temporary ban.
  • Cyber bullying is NOT ALLOWED. This Wiki is a place of peace. You will be banned permanently if the cases get out of hand. This also includes harassment or threats.
  • No vandalizing pages! Also, if you wish to edit someone's page it is advised to ask the owner first. (If you create a page please try to put your name on it so people know who to ask.)
  • Don't hesitate to report anyone if they break the rules, even if they tell you not to. Someone else is bound to notice it anyway.
  • No nude or upsetting pictures. They will be removed and it will result in a temporary ban. However, some gory pictures are allowed, but not too extreme. Keep it PG 13.


We really don't want to ban anyone permanently, but sometimes we have to. If you break the rules once, you will get a short ban. This Wiki uses the three-strike rule, so if you break the rules 3 times, you will be PERMANENTLY banned.

1st rule break - 1 day ban

2nd rule break - 1 week ban

3rd rule break - Permanent ban

Please note that this only applies to major rule breaks. If you do something we consider as a "minor offence" you will only get a warning and/or a temporary ban.

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